lördag 14 april 2012


  Samband mellan konserveringsmedlen parabener och bröstcancer
I många konsumentprodukter och hygienartiklar finns tillsatser från gruppen parabener. Enligt ny forskning finns samband mellan dessa ämnen och bröstcancer. Parabener förs vidare till avloppet och slam.
·         Recent research has detected the presence of paraben esters in 99 percent of breast cancer tissues sampled. In 60 percent of cases, all five esters were detected. Parabens are chemicals that have been shown to have estrogen-like properties, and estrogen is one of the hormones involved in the development of breast cancer
·         Anything you ingest, inhale, or spread on your skin can be absorbed into your body and potentially cause damage over time. Parabens can be found in a wide variety of consumer products, such as deodorants, shampoos, lotions, cosmetics, drugs, and food additives
·         Recent research has confirmed the existence of a previously unknown class of cancer-causing materials that can be found in thousands of consumer products. A broad range of metals have been shown to act as “metalloestrogens” with the potential to add to the estrogenic burden of the human breast
·         According to recent research, women with the highest intakes of cadmium were 21 percent more likely to develop breast cancer compared to those with the lowest dietary intake. Cadmium is a carcinogenic heavy metal identified as a metal that can bind to estrogen receptors, effectively mimicking the female hormone estrogen. Food crops such as potatoes and whole grains are primary sources cadmium, but it’s also an air pollutant
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